Why Internet of Behavior (IoB) is Important Today

The Internet of Behavior is an extended version of the Internet of Things. There has been an increase in devices used in the Internet of Things. It means that more devices are used in the Internet of Behavior.  The major purpose of the IoB is to ensure that the data from the Internet of Things relates to certain human behaviors. An example is making purchases or preferring a certain brand over another.

How the IoB is Useful

Several businesses across the globe have benefited from it in marketing and sales. They can get a deep understanding of what their clients want or expects. Businesses have also conducted analyses to try and improve sales but have not succeeded because of the lack of IoB.

IoB enables companies to look into their past performance and predict the future. The information comes from the IoT. It allows companies to come up with a plan and strategy to address marketing and sales purposes, goals and objectives. However, a firm is required to develop protocols to try and deal with some of the risks that may arise from its usage.

The Risks of IoB

IoB might help businesses grow but the risk comes along with sharing personal information. There are many questions on how a firm can get and use the information from IoB. IoT is general in nature, which makes it difficult for a business to know what the specific issue is. For example, the IoT may be about all firms in a certain industry. It is difficult to distinguish which firm is demanded to carry out adjustments because customers may not be appointing it.

Companies have been able to use their social media profiles to acquire information. It is challenging to monitor and regulate the level of access through this means. Hackers also pose a threat because they will try to steal the most crucial information from the company, resulting in a downfall.


The future of IoB

Research shows that IoB is still young but by 2025 there will be many companies having access to an IoB program. It can either come from a private firm or the government. The IoT will also grow as they both work as a pair.

It is predicted that by 2023, behaviors will be tracked digitally. It means IoB will have a huge impact in the business world. The information is set to generate a global impact. However, the issue of cyber-attacks will increase.

It is essential for businesses to get a deep understanding of the roles and expectations of their data privacy. There are consequences for breaching the client’s data privacy. It can lead to a firm having a damaged reputation.

Every business should make it a priority to incorporate the Internet of Behavior in their marketing approach. They can also incorporate it to discover the problems their clients encounter. In the future it will be a must for a business to succeed.

Written by:

Camila Arango

Quantum Computing

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