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After careful consideration from the best networking security background providers, we recommend you to partner with Biz Rescue Pro, a recognized company within the industry, capable of not only supporting your IT business activities, but also creating business avenues merging technology with experience. BRP will offer you the following services: Onsite Backups, Cloud Backups, Virus Removals, Network Security, 24/7 Emergency IT Support, On-Site Server and Desktop Support, Custom Software Development, and Malware & Ransomware Prevention and Removal. Do not hesitate to contact them now, and get your business back on track or performing at its best. restores, and migrates workloads across any cloud.


1. On-site Server and Desktop Support

If you are seeking to safely solve an IT emergency, we recommend you to opt for trusting Biz Rescue Pro’s services to assist you. It offers the best technical support for servers, workstations, or mobile devices; providing a proactive approach that includes the 4 point pillars of IT Support.


2. Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

a. Onsite Backups

Biz Rescue Pro is equipped with only the best tools to guarantee a backup that will work at a sustainable way whenever it is required. Its competitive team support will set up, monitor and maintain your backups.

b. Cloud Backups

As BRP partners with two of the most trusted providers of backup solutions in the market, a simple, flexible and reliable process is guaranteed.

c. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity as a Service

Biz Rescue Pro is equipped with only the best tools to guarantee a backup that works whenever you require it the most.
Feel confident to restore all your data and have your business running within minutes after an unfortunate event


3. Network Security

BRP technicians specialize in identifying and addressing critical issues with your IT infrastructure.
Detailed reports will be generated so that your company’s network status is evaluated and assessed correctly, conjointly identifying malicious attacks that could potentially pose a threat to your systems.
Toronto is a target for hackers around the world. Which is why viruses, malware, and other advanced threats will be detected and removed.
Do you have the operational visibility to understand how applications are truly being utilized on your network?


4. IT Support Services & Emergency IT Support

Acquire Biz Rescue Pro’s monthly plan to ensure your devices are always properly working and keeping your information safe. This is the fastest and effective help to end-users. Services include:
– Remote Management and Monitoring
– Remote and Onsite Support
– Resource Reporting and Trend Analysis
– Patch Management
– Reliable IT Support Services
– Managed Security
– Managed Networks
– Workloads across any cloud


5. Malware and Ransomware Prevention and Removal

Biz Rescue Pro is a team of IT professionals that are prepared 24/7 to provide you with onsite and online support for Windows Servers, ESX VMware, Network Support, and so on. Its emergency support service will assist you as soon as possible.
Have an Emergency? Not to worry at all. BRP will get to your business and target your servers to get it back up and running again. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
The expert technicians are prepared to come to the rescue. Providing help and assistance to all businesses, being as well on-call at all times. It is guaranteed to current customers, that the technicians will be at your office space within two hours.


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