The impact of technology on business activity

Currently, the implementation of technological tools in companies is a strategic necessity in which most organizations worldwide are investing. One is that technology is not only essential to everyday business processes, but it can also help companies achieve growth and success when used effectively. Successful companies do not see technology simply to automate processes but use it to start using new ways of doing business.

Why is technology so important in business?

Technology is no longer a luxury or privilege around the world, it has become a fundamental element in the personal and business environment. In an active and globalized world, companies must be fast and efficient with all their resources. Technology has arrived to solve problems and eliminate barriers in organizations through innovative systems that are adaptable to the needs of each one. What used to take weeks and even months, nowadays it is possible to finish in a few minutes and without much effort or complication thanks to the implementation of technology in business.

When a company resists implementing new technologies in each of its processes, it is more likely to stagnate and fall behind, especially those that are in a new growth path, but are not yet fully stabilized or positioned in the market.

But here are some important characteristics of technology in a company:

Although the characteristics of the technology in a company may vary from case to case, these are the most general ones:

-It is innovative and allows rethinking processes or business models.

-It is scalable. That means that it has the capacity to grow as the business grows.

-It responds to the specific or general needs of a company, an organizational area, or an industry.

-It is easy to operate, although training will always be necessary.

-It securely stores the information of the processes it executes.

-Facilitates integration between different technological tools.

-It generates reports of the information it manages.

How technology can support business growth:

Digital technologies for effective marketing

Businesses now operate in an era where having a strong digital presence is essential, not only for success but also for survival. The lack of a strong digital presence is a contributing factor to the failure of many SMEs, half of which are failing in their first five years of existence. With limited marketing budgets, SMEs need to be prudent in using digital technologies for maximum impact.

Software to reduce costs and improve customer service

Productivity software is designed to help businesses improve operational efficiency, replace laborious paper-based processes, and reduce costs. The most used productivity software packages include those for office productivity, accounts, communications, and email.

The scope of business productivity software has expanded considerably in recent years, with the development of cloud and mobile technologies.


Mobile technologies

Mobile technologies give a significant boost to efficiency and productivity because they enable users to perform a wide range of tasks from anywhere. It is now possible to have full office functionality on the go. This simply means getting more done because the staff doesn’t have to wait until they are at their desks to respond to colleagues and customers or read and edit important documents, for example.


To maintain our competitiveness in the business and economic environment is necessary to rely on technological solutions for the management and organization of your company


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