The Era of 5G Network - Is it a Worthy Technology?

Mobile network and application inventions in the past decades have become massive. The latest generation of mobile network is the 5G that follows 4G networks. The 5G allows everyone and everything to have a virtual connection. Examples are machines and devices and definitely people.

Its wireless technology brings faster data speeds and a higher network capacity. It is also available and more reliable, creating a good experience to all its users. The high performance enables users to discover new business ideas.

There is no specific company that claims ownership of 5G. However, there are various businesses helping the network to come to life. Qualcomm is one of the companies that has come up with technologies contributing to it.

The Underlying Technologies to 5G

5G operates in a similar manner to 4G LTE. They both use OFDM and similar mobile networking principles. The OFDM enables 5G to be more flexible and scalable. Many people can access it and use it for several purposes.

The network has wider bandwidths, resulting from the spectrum resources. In 4G, sub-3GHz is present, while in 5G, it is above 100GHz. It can use both a lower band and an mmWave. The mmWave allows the network to reach an extreme capacity. It can also deliver fast speeds and mobile broadband services, as well as reaching out to new service areas.

Difference Between 4G and 5G

The 4G LTE focused on creating broadband services, but the 5G aims at unifying it. It is considered that there is better use of the spectrum compared to 4G. However, 5G has a lower latency that enables it to be more accessible. Currently, 5G has faster speeds compared to other generations of mobile networks.

The benefits of 5G

5G will create a huge economic impact that will be realized fully across the globe in 2035. Many industries will grow as a result of the mobile networks and it will make the distribution of goods and services more convenient and effective. 5G began launching in 2019, and in 2020 some countries had already gained access to it, including major phone companies and manufacturers. The network is set to bring in numerous benefits.

It will allow the automotive industry to expand. There will be creation of jobs in countries that dominate the automotive industry. Countries, such as Japan and China will experience an increase in demand in the content creation and operation sectors. However, time will determine the exact economic impact of the 5G effect.

People will consume unprecedented amounts of data by 2022, mainly because they are using the internet for both business and entertainment purposes. 5G allows more people to be connected at a faster speed. It also allows the mobile ecosystem to grow in new industries. Users can access extreme reality and the cloud from wherever they are and whenever they want. Cities will use 5G to change people’s lives in the region through creating a more reliable connection. 

Written by:

Camila Arango

Quantum Computing

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