Metaverse, what is this and how is it going to impact our lives?

We can think of it in general terms as a virtual or digital world that we can access via the internet, where we can play, study, attend concerts, various events, work, and much more in the form of AVATARS! Remember the game Sims? Well, it’s something like that, but much bigger. And which is the company that is mainly betting on this virtual world? Facebook, already known by its new name META, is betting all its cards to be a power in the metaverse. But not only them, but thousands of companies are also organizing their best strategies to be part of this strong trend.

The idea is basically to create a parallel and completely virtual universe, which we can access not only through virtual reality devices but also with augmented reality devices so that we can interact with each other inside it, and from the outside, with the content we have inside. That is, it is not only about being immersed in this virtual world as something like a video game, but also much more than that. It is the creation of hybrid space between a virtual world and the real world. A very clear example will be to see augmented reality signs while walking down the street showing advertising, directions, information on how to buy an object we see on the way, etc. We will be able to put on our headsets and go to work meetings from our couch. Can you imagine having a ping pong match with a friend or family member who is not physically present, but is ready to play against you in another country? The metaverse will make this possible.

The key to this metaverse is that it can be totally immersive, or at least much more than the current virtual reality. We will have glasses that will possibly be like the current ones to immerse us in it, but also sensors that will register our physical movements so that our avatar inside this metaverse will do exactly the same. In the metaverse, our body language will be of great importance so that the rest of the people we are interacting with inside it can understand how we feel. Therefore, the devices we use in this metaverse will be able to interpret our facial expressions so that our avatar can recreate us in the best possible way.


Metaverse, what is this and how is it going to impact our lives

In this virtual world, you will be able to buy things in the same way you buy in the real world. This includes clothing, accessories, land and property, and anything else you can think of. These products for sale will be NFTs and your payment method will be cryptocurrencies. Of course, buying and selling them is a phenomenon that is gaining momentum, as it is considered a very efficient way to diversify investments and economic income. If you learn to invest in them and to identify the projects that are trending towards growth, it could be a great opportunity for anyone involved in this. You will be able to buy clothes for your Avatar, as you would buy clothes for yourself in the real world, get your tickets for concerts that will happen in the metaverse, and attend from anywhere in the world, this means that you will also be able to visit cities and places where you have not been before.

Many investors in NFTs (yes, there are already many!), are buying several collectible assets, for example, the BORED APES, VERSOV SNEAKERS, the CRYPTOPUNKS, in fact, one of them was sold for $533 million dollars, but not all cost so much, there are several options and many of them could multiply their price in incredible amounts in the not too distant future, that is why it is important to know each project well and know about these investments to make it something very profitable. One of the investors who has already put his focus on NFTs is Gary Vee, one of the most successful entrepreneurs today.

And just talking about business, this reality will be 100% part of digital marketing because through NFTs, brands will be able to create what makes any company successful: brand experiences with the consumer, brand positioning in a strategic and creative way, interactions with consumers in a more friendly and effective way, purchase journey will be memorable and easier, no matter where the customer is.

The metaverse and NFT technology is here to stay, is your company ready to align to this new reality? Are you ready to live in a hybrid world where virtual reality will also be part of our real world?


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