Cloud computing

Always cloud computing can drive business efficiency and scalability

Cloud computing has redefined and transformed the way businesses operate today. The cloud has provided a way of managing your IT online, in an on-demand, pay-as-you-go environment, from servers and storage, to applications, software, analytics and so much more.

For business leaders, the benefits of implementing cloud computing are significant, with a huge emphasis on lowering operating costs, unlocking efficiencies, boosting productivity and enabling your business to seamlessly evolve. Here are some insights.

1. Enhanced security and easy data recovery

If your data and information records are stored in the cloud, it is easier to protect and retrieve it, compared to when it is stored at a local level, where it’s more susceptible to data leaks, theft or breaches. With an effective cloud-based storage solution, you not only enhance your security, but also avoid expensive means of data recovery. 

2. Efficient remote working

This is a very relevant benefit right now, as companies across the globe have had to rapidly transition to mass remote working. Cloud computing provides your workforce with flexibility, both in and out of the workplace. Your employees can access and share files and documents anywhere at any time.

3. Reduced hardware, software and operational costs

Using cloud-based tools can help you to significantly cut the cost of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading IT equipment and systems. With its pay-as-you-go nature or scalable subscription models, cloud computing will help you to save on operational costs and reduce the level of IT expertise required in your business as maintenance and upgrades can be managed externally by your cloud service provider.

4. Increased collaboration and productivity

There are a huge range of cloud-based tools and apps designed to help teams efficiently collaborate and execute tasks faster. With spaces where you can chat and work with colleagues and where people can access and work simultaneously on documents, you no longer have to be in the same room to work well as a team.

5. First-class tools and technology

Cloud computing can give you access to the latest, best-in-class technology for your business, which had previously only been available for large enterprises as they are expensive to buy outright.

6. Easy-to-scale IT infrastructure

The cloud enables you to easily scale your IT requirements, as and when required. Whether you require more or less resources, you can almost instantly adapt with cloud computing. This is a stark contrast to scaling on-premises infrastructure, which can take days or weeks and can disrupt your workflow. It also supports your business growth without requiring expensive changes to your current IT systems.

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