Many of us have already heard about chatbots, but what are they and what do they do for companies? In a simplified way, chatbots in a company is a program that allows you to have a conversation with different customers and potential leads who are interested in your products or services. 

The benefit of this program is that you can immediately answer the customer’s questions or requirements, offer an after-sales service, provide useful information such as payment methods in an automated way and thus expedite the sale, help the customer for their next purchase and improve customer service and attention.

These are some of the benefits that this automated program brings to organizations:

1. Immediately answer questions, complaints, and inquiries from the customer. It is important to understand the trend of the buying funnel that today most consumers want and among these demands is to get quick and concrete answers from the seller or the customer service representative, support, etc. If the customer or lead does not get the information he is looking for in an easy and fast way, he will surely lose interest and will go to look for answers with the competition.

Therefore, it is important to configure the chatbot in such a way that as many of the frequently asked questions that customers have appear as possible so that these requirements can be solved in an automated way. 

2. A chatbot allows you to have your company running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need for someone to personally handle these frequent information requests from customers. And that’s why the right automation is so important in this program.

Customers will have a great experience knowing that they can, without difficulty, contact customer service and receive the information they need at any time is certainly a competitive advantage over the competition.

3. In addition to being able to solve the customer’s doubts through a chatbot, this program also allows to further optimize customer service by serving more than one person at the same time without compromising the quality of service to other users.

4. In this new era, where technology is part of our lifestyle and communication facilities are increasingly faster, optimized and just a click away, people who have a complaint about the service or product purchased, generally no longer choose to submit their complaint in person. Today they do it through digital media such as websites and social networks. 

Therefore, the chatbot allows companies to be ready to immediately address these situations where the quality and speed of service is extremely important. 




5. Having human staff for customer service is essential, and what it means to have an automated chatbot in your customer service and sales team is mainly to allow human staff to be more proactive, dealing with complex cases that the chatbot cannot solve. The program recognizes the questions that come out of its automation and routes them to the human staff to deal with these questions or specific situations. This saves time and increases the productivity of the work team.

 6. Finally, it is important that companies, besides being able to offer quality customer service, can take advantage of the conversation created in the chatbot and generate an incredibly useful database for the marketing and sales efforts of the organization, since by creating an automated chatbot with a list of questions to the customer, information such as telephone, email, city, tastes and preferences, etc. can be obtained. This conversation will independently go step by step to achieve data collection and it is important that it is presented in a natural, strategic, and structured way so that the customer does not feel pressured or forced to give information that he/she does not want to share. 

These are the suggestions that BRP, an automation and technology company suggest for all those who implement such strategies in their organizations. And although chatbots have not yet reached their full potential, it is a tool that will be used more and more, this will lead to higher levels of customer engagement, and therefore a level of artificial intelligence even more developed to meet these consumer needs. 


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