Set up Your Home Office

With so many of us working remotely due to the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have a functional and appealing home workspace. These simple tips and tricks can help you make the most of your home office without spending much money.  

  1. Invest in Headphones

A good noise-cancelling pair of headphones can block ambient sounds. Big, comfortable over-ear headphones can also make you feel like you have more privacy, helping you to focus. Any set that includes a microphone will improve video and audio calls for both you and the people on the other end. 

  1. Invest in Ergonomics

Any standard chair can be more comfortable with a simple back pillow. You can buy an inexpensive curved foam cushion for your chair or try a standard pillow or rolled up towel.

Having adequate lumbar support is just one piece of the ergonomic puzzle. 

  1. Protect your neck

When you look at your computer, your eyes should be nearly level with the top of the screen. 

If you have a monitor or desktop computer in your home office, add a few books under the base to raise it to a comfortable height. With a laptop, you need a laptop stand or riser and an external keyboard and mouse. 

  1. Show your best light

When you take video calls from a home office, close the blinds or consider changing your position at least 90 degrees. If the room is a little dark, an ordinary table lamp with a shade would be helpful. You can also invest in a ring light.


  1. Keep the juices flowing

Keep a charger for your devices at your workspace. If you have a drawer in your desk you can store chargers there or a decorative box or even an empty coffee mug will do the trick.


  1. Clean Cable Management

Getting a handle on your cable situation can seriously improve the looks and functionality of your office. You can get the cables organized with some very cheap or free gear. If you can afford zip ties or painter’s tape you can get started. 


  1. The Economics of Space

Don’t put anything that isn’t necessary on your desk.  Keep a microfiber cloth on your desk or in the same drawer as your chargers to wipe your screen.  Add a few plants to your home office to decorate your space, boost productivity and decrease stress.


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