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Get Set for the Biggest Holiday Spending Season Ever

Get Set for the Biggest Holiday Spending Season Ever

The 2021 holiday season will be a bonanza for online spending and is set to rack up sales of $1.3 trillion between the November-January window, up nearly 10% from last year. All estimates are pointing to this being the strongest holiday spending season since 1999 in terms of growth rates. While

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The Property Technology Revolution

Digitalization has become a facet of almost every aspect of our lives, and it has become apparent that no industry is immune to technological advances. Until recent years, Commercial Real estate is one niche that has been traditionally slower to adopt new trends. Not anymore! There are several companies innovating

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8 technology trends for the companies of the future

It is undeniable that in the coming years we will have more and more strong technological trends focused on the business environment. All this is given by the need to be increasingly proactive, productive, and optimized, reducing costs, improving processes and results. Competitiveness is increasing and the search for technologies

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NFT Token

What you need to know about non fungible tokens (NFT)

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, products that function as digital assets, have grown steadily to encompass a €210 million market by 2020 and have become one of the most important crypto trends of this year 2021, with a 55% growth in total sales, from $250 million to $389 million. One of

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It’s no secret that from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day, the cloud has been the fastest and most resilient method to help keep every business operational. Cloud services have made possible everything from telecommuting to distance learning, to even allowing shopping to continue, but this time

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Process automation every day is incorporating new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to go beyond RPA. In fact, with conversational AI and NLP technology, it becomes possible to understand natural language and automate tasks, so that the voice-enabled application can perform interactions between the user

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